Sexual Openness In The Modern World

In this modern day and age, people all over the world have begun to grasp their right to free speech and expression, and allowed themselves to question openly the stereotypes and established norms of society. Everything from gender roles, equal pay, sexual orientation, and the right to own a firearm, topics that would have been considered too controversial to be discussed openly, are headlining online forums on media in general. These fields of discussion and debate have even before pivotal deciding points in elections to hold office as president, in most countries.

One of the main changes in societal norms that can be witnessed is sexual openness; i.e. individuals are more transparent regarding their orientation, preferences, and habits, and go so far as to consider this openness as a form of liberation; a ‘right’ to be themselves openly. This can be seen in the growing acceptance in support and equality for the LGBT community, as well as in recent induction of legislation regarding the rights of homosexuals in some countries. Furthermore, where previously people were ridiculed and bullied for any sexual orientations or preferences that were considered to defy the ‘norm’ set by society, the modern man encourages equality, and speaks against those that bully or stand against equal rights.

The annual Gay Pride Parade in the United States is one such expression of the call for equal rights and acceptance, and a perfect swingers party in Sydney can be another. Sexual liberation, essentially, then calls for the norm becoming a society of acceptance and freedom for any person to be open with their sexual lifestyle and choices, and not be condemned for it by those considered straight and/or monogamous. In other words, sexual openness calls for no person to be able to judge another based on their sexual orientation or practices.

However, there are also clear limitations that come to mind. For example, those who prefer pedophilia as a sexual preference cannot be allowed free rein as everybody else, due to it not being a practice society would ever endorse. Similarly, practices such as necrophilia or sexual cannibalism should also not be allowed.

Therefore, it is possible to state that complete sexual liberation cannot be allowed, as this poses obvious dangers.

It is then necessary for those forming laws to listen to the people and find a solution, a middle ground of sorts, to combat the issue of suppression of sexual minorities. It is possible in this way, then, to allow a certain level of openness and equality without leaving room for dangerous situations to occur or worse; for them to be made legal.