Ideas For A Stag Night

If you have been given the ‘honour’ of being the best man for your best buddy, then you know that it is your sacred duty to make sure your bud gets to live out his last few days as a single man in the freest way possible – in other words, you need to throw a stag night full of booze and plenty of other delectable distractions. Instead of just another rager or boring ass party, here are some ideas for different things you can do:

Move the Party

Why party in a stationary location? If you can afford it, book something like bucks party boat cruise Sydney where the entire adventure will be over water. Package deals like this one are great because all you need to do is pay for what you select; all the other arrangements are taken care of. Depending on the kind of entertainment you’re looking for, the organizers will do everything for you, including stocking the vessel and waiting on you, the groom and your posse. There’s something special and poetic about leaving firm ground and going crazy on a transient medium like water for a stag night that speaks to the soul.

Go Somewhere

The most popular destination for this is casino and gambling cities like Las Vegas or Macau. And they can be great. Not only do they offer limitless options for having ‘fun’ but they also provide activities to do with your bros that may not be available elsewhere. For instance, even a beginner can have a go at gambling. If you know that the groom isn’t into that at all and would rather do some good in the community, arrange for a bunch of you to go and volunteer somewhere. Make his bachelor party all about helping others. Read this article to find out more details.

Surprise, Surprise!

This is easier to pull off than you think, especially if the wedding is super close. Collaborate and coordinate with the bride to get the groom out of his house and keep him out for a while – some errand regarding the wedding will do. Once he’s off, decorate the house in as many embarrassing and NSFW pictures as you possibly can. Go crazy with the music (make sure to play the really lewd songs with the lyrics kept in). Once everything is settled, call the groom and tell him, “Dude where are you??? I think someone’s breaking into your house!” He will (hopefully) be too worried to ask you what you were doing there in the first place.The idea of a stag night is to celebrate something that is supposed to be lost on the wedding day (like ‘freedom’) so this would be perfect!