How I Managed My Best Friend’s Stag Party

My best bud’s getting married! He told me he was planning to propose his long time girlfriend of seven years and wanted me to be his groomsman. What automatically came into my mind was happiness, happiness that we are going to have on his stag party! I mean for me, it’s the most crucial duty for this specific role. A weekend out with the boys, all day and all night of partying and drinking just before he leaves the bachelor’s life, right? When he told me that her girlfriend said yes, I started to plan the perfect stag party right away.

Where to at
Back in high school we were already talking about how we wanted our stag party to be, which is why it became easier for me to know he wants it to be held. He was always hooked with the beach, saying parties will never have a dull moment in it. I researched great beaches that had awesome places to hold the party at, I checked what kind of beach related activities, I checked where the nearest places are that would help boost the party, specifically a bar and abordello for the single guys to experience female escorts Crows Nest, and when I found one, I was just waiting for the date as to when they are going to get married. But of course, in every plan, there should always be a contingency. If their wedding date is set to take place between the months of november to february then there might be a problem since it going to be chilly outside, and to have a stag party situated at the beach means the best date would be somewhere between march and june. There are a lot of factors that I had to look into that may affect the party, and it is imperative that it should be well planned.

The surprise
I found the perfect beach area where there is this great house that we could rent, and pretty near Crows Nest brothel. Well, he obviously likes the company of a lady that is why I included it in the itinerary of the party that we would head over to, but of course as a responsible best man it is also part of my duty that he enjoys every moment of the party but not get too carried away with the things that are going to happen around him and not let him engage in something he is going to regret, it’s just mainly for the unmarried and single men and for him to just get jealous of us.