A Quick Guide To Fulfilling Your Best Man Duties

Being the best man at your friend’s wedding is a great honour but also a huge responsibility. It is one of the most important days of your mate’s life and therefore should be one filled with fun memories. Being the best man is not just about standing next to the groom at the altar. There are a few duties that you are expected to fulfil before and on the big day. Here are some of them and a few quick tips on how to get them done easily and well; 

Planning the Bachelor Party

This is by far the most fun task that you will be assigned with in preparation for the wedding. Organising all the aspects of the bachelor party from deciding who will be invited to organizing the entertainment is entirely up to you. Sure, you can get the other groomsmen to help you but you should make the final decisive call on everything. What everyone will be looking forward to is the entertainment for the evening, so make sure you get the best package that money can buy. Buck’s party ideas in Perth would be a great big help in getting things sorted for the night. Do you need strippers for your bucks party this link http://www.nicolabuckentertainment.com.au/strippers/ can help you.

These girls are not in the least shy. They are friendly, flirtatious and outgoing, and will make sure everyone joins in and has a fun night. Even the most awkward of the guys will be enjoying the show and joining in the fun in no time with the help of the entertaining girls from Buck’s party ideas in Perth.

Keeping the Bride’s Ring

One of the most important duties to fulfil on the day of the wedding is to hold on tight to the bride’s ring until it is time for the bride and groom to exchange their vows and rings during the service. You should keep the ring box safely on your person up until the time the minister who presides over the wedding service asks for the rings to be produced. Remember – if there are no rings there is no wedding. So make sure you keep the bride’s ring absolutely safe until you let go of it on the altar.

Giving the Best Man’s Speech

During the reception, you will be expected to take the mic, stand up in front of all the attendees and give the speech that precedes the toast. The groom might have asked someone else to perform the toast but in case he hasn’t, then that is up to you too. Keep in mind that people of all ages are in attendance at the reception so choose your content appropriately. But don’t let that keep you from revealing just a few juicy details about the groom’s personality. Keep the speech short and fun. Throw in a few jokes here and there to keep it light and interesting. After all, it is your best friend’s wedding so make sure you do your best to contribute towards making the event a success.